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Doug Rowlands

Senior Director, Client Portfolio Management, Invesco Real Estate

Doug Rowlands is a Senior Director of Client Portfolio Management at Invesco Real Estate. Doug is responsible for developing and managing client relationships. Primarily focused on growing the non-institutional client base within Wealth Managers and Financial Institutions he also covers UK Institutional investors.


Doug began his investment career in 2004 and joined Invesco Real Estate in 2019. Prior to joining Invesco Real Estate, Doug was at AEW Real Estate where he headed the UK Investor Relations team, raising capital for investment into Real Estate products. Doug has a deep level of real estate experience both in Europe and North America having spent 12 years with MSCI (formerly IPD) in Europe, US and Canada focusing on real estate analysis, performance and client management with large global Institutional investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds and UK Fund Management houses.


Doug earned Bachelor of Science in Investment and Finance in Real Estate and is based in the London office.

Doug Rowlands
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