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Christophe Bianco

Managing Partner

Christophe is the co founder and the managing director of Excellium Services. Excellium was founded in 2012 by the willingness of people active in the Information Security field for over 14 years.

Because companies face new threats with increasing budgetary constraints and limited resources it is needed to have new approaches, pragmatics, effectives with an innovative business model. The Group Excellium have extended its operations to Belgium but also Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Ivory Coast.

Before Excellium, Christophe has been vice-president and General Manager for the European, Middle East & African region of the Qualys society, leader in computer vulnerability management solutions. In this job, he has been responsible for strategic, operational, sales and marketing activities.

With 15 years of experience in providing security, governance, security audits and penetration tests, his mission has been to guide the company IPO in 2012. Beforehand, he managed the activities development of Verizon Business on the European Region for the security division during 10 years. Before that, he had a 1st experience as network administrator in the Parisbas Luxembourg Bank during 3 years.

Christophe had an engineering degree in network engineering and informations systems. He had also A MBA from HEC Paris in 2008. Most recently, he has studied Criminology at the University of Paris Assas II.

He is since September 2018 Associate professor at Telecom Nancy in the cybersecurity track and regularly speaks at conferences on Information Security issue, analysis of the economics of cybercrime or evolving threats.

Christophe Bianco
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